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Arnis Jaudzems, Sixt General Manager in Baltic States
Arnis Jaudzems, Sixt General Manager in Baltic States

Arnis Jaudzems, SIXT General Manager in Baltic States

Business activity of almost every company require a vehicle. For the company vehicle allows not only to visit clients and partners, but also serves as a company’s business card.

Effective fleet management requires knowledge and experience. If originally choosing a vehicle seems something simple, after starting the dialogue with the client and specifying it needs, we come to the conclusion, that choice between vehicle makes and models; fuel type; new model or former, is not that simple- all of the mentioned above influence vehicle repurchase value and company expenses overall.

For companies not only to understand the purpose of outsourcing, but also to use it, the company management must understand that service outsourcing provides more effectiveness. There are large companies with large transport units which have been created over the many years. For some representatives of such companies it may seem that such important duties cannot be trusted to others. Thus the company management as well as its employees must come to the conclusion- we rather choose the outsourcing and all our efforts we dedicate to the business development and employees, who are involved in the fleet management, can be employed more appropriate.

For more than five years I manage SIXT rent a car and SIXT Leasing brands in Baltics. 

More than 20 years that have been worked in this field allow to successfully plan the product development in Baltics, business planning, and more importantly – provide fleet management consultations for current clients as well as potential ones. 

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