Environmental policy


1. Introduction

SIXT is constantly focusing on minimizing the negative environmental effects a car rental and full-service leasing operations can have and aims to minimise any harmful impact, so far as is reasonably practicable.

This policy is valid for 3 years period and shall be reviewed once per year.

2. Environmental aspects

SIXT intends to focus on such environmental aspects:

Waste Management – Limit or recycle

  • Develop paperless initiatives to minimise paper consumption by 5 % yearly
  • Paper recycle
  • Electronics, toners, batteries, IT equipment recycle

Environment – Reduce CO2 emmisions

  • Monitoring on CO2 emissions
  • Monitor fleet by vehicle type- petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric
  • Regulary update RAC fleet with newer vehicles
  • Fleet shall include hybrid and electric cars

Raising awareness - Promote greater environmental resposibility

  • Encourage our customers to select fuel efficient vehicles
    • Promotion of sustainable mobility
      • Green-ideas box for encouraging employees to share ideas to increase environmental


3. Monitoring and execution

Monitoring and measurement results must be documented and compiled in yearly report. All monitoring activities shall be done on yearly basis until March 31st.


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